How To: Fix the Plumbing Tube Wreath Form

We all did it. Pinned this awesome idea. Immediately ran to the hardware store and bought plumbing tubing. Then you tried making the wreath form. Craft fail. Your wreath form wasn’t round, it had kinks, and looked nearly triangular? You now have 5 giant pieces of tubing in your garage (because, clearly you can’t just buy one, when you could buy 5, and make a bazillion wreaths… or maybe that was just me.) Yeah…

Fastforward to today. 9 months later.

I decided to hang my summer wreath, only I couldn’t find  my summer wreath!? Anywhere. And, I needed a wreath. Right that second. I don’t live in a town where I can run buy a wreath form. I was left with only one choice. Make the plumbing tubing wreath form work.

And, I did!!! It was stroke of crafting genious if I do say so myself. Or maybe just a moment of desperation for a girl who really likes the appropriate season wreath on her front door.

Here’s how you can fix this problem too.


Plumbing Tubing


Tape (I only had this awesome neon green masking tape. Normally I would use duct tape.)


Step 1: Split the slit open on the tubing. Step 2: Fill with polyfil. Step 3: Tape the tube closed.

Step 4: Form into a circle. Step 5: Tape to close.

 Here’s my new summer wreath on my door. Nice and round!


If you would like a tutorial on how to make an oversized bow like the one on my wreath let me know!

Happy wreath making!


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